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Xbox LIVE Worldwide Marketing Campaign

Pitched and sold the premise of an Xbox Brand Ambassador in the form of an Xbox Avatar for consumer awareness for an Xbox LIVE Membership. Employed an Xbox Personality to voice the Avatar, which guided users through the many benefits of an Xbox LIVE membership, and any other questions they may have based on all Xbox touch points.

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AT&T Cultural Diversity Parade Float & Game

Users played a trivia game on Android devices, and depending on their answers, advanced to the next level of the game, with the winner winning gifts and prizes at the booth. A modified race game was played alongside the float by users getting codes in which they played as the float went by. Game was available in English and Mandarin.

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Xbox Viral Game

Trivia Game for the release of the Disneyland Adventures Kinect Xbox Game. We also created a host to guide the user through the game; a fun and family oriented game that also taught valuable knowledge about Disneyland.

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