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Xbox LIVE Worldwide Marketing Campaign

Pitched the idea of an Xbox Brand Ambassador, in the form of an Xbox Avatar, to sell Xbox LIVE Memberships, across all marketing platforms. CAI enlisted an Xbox Personality to voice the Avatar, which guided users through the many benefits of an Xbox LIVE membership, and any other questions they may have based on all Xbox touch points. As a result of north American success, was distributed globally, also by CAI.

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Movies Anywhere Social Media Campaign

The CAI created initiative operated as such: SocialMoms and participating influencers hosted the custom Social Impact Unit on their sites. The ad unit included curated blogger feeds and pinnable images and videos, so users could pin directly from the ad unit, which delivered 1.6 million impressions, surpassing the 1 million impression benchmark by 1.6x, and an engagement rate of 6.32%. The average viewer spent 48 seconds on the unit: 436.36% above average. A total of 78,836 minutes of attention were delivered. (Rich media display units average 2.5% engagement rate and just 11 seconds time on unit.)

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“Real Steel” Social Media Campaign

CAI created a contest via Bot Battles, where fans were invited to vote for their favorite Bots until a final contender was chosen. Engagement grew each week as fans campaigned to make sure the film’s hero, Atom, was the last Bot standing. Launched a series of behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube, adding a brand-new custom made “Meet the Bots” video right before street date – which garnered 2MM views.

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